EPIRB NSR NEB-1000-2000C

  •   -      Designed to use for alert search and rescue service at sea. Confirming to IMO and IEC rules.

              -      Location accuracy within 10m, thanks to built-in GPS receiver used.

              -       Automatic release device activated underwater 4 meters.

              -      Self-protective device used to avoid possible false alarms.

              -      Self-test function applicable.

              -      Low-power-comsuption design applied to ensure 48+ hours continous operation.

              -      406MHz transmission together with homing 121MHz.

              -   CCS,VR type approval.

  •  General  
     Case Material:               Special ABS+PC
     Color:    Orange
     Waterproof:  10 min (underwater 10m)
     Buoyant  Yes
     Deployment:  Automatic hydrostatic release or Manual switch control
     Accessories:  Hydrostatic Release Unit

     1.35 kg

     Height  692 mm
     Width:  116 mm
    Antenna Length:  450 mm
     406 MHz Transmitter    
     Frequency:  406.040MHz
     Output Power:  5W ± 2dB
     121.5 MHz Homer  
     Frequency:  121.5MHz
     Output Power:  50mW ± 3dB
     GPS Receiver  
     Type:  Built-in GPS antenna
     Center Frequency:  L1-1575.42MHz
     Channels:  50
     Type:  Lithium primary battery
     Total Voltage Rating:  14.4 V (4ea x 3.6V each)
     Operating:  48hrs. (-20)
     Operating Temperature :   -20  +55℃
     Storage Temperature:  -30  +70℃