uruno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C Mobile Earth Station (MES) SSAS & LRIT Compatible

The FELCOM18 is FURUNO's new Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station (MES), providing high quality two-way telex and data link between ships or on land.   All functions and services of the reliable Inmarsat-Csystem are provided.  The distress alert are initiated by the remote distress alert unit, whose message & own ship's position is easily edited, via a PC with dedicated software.

NOTE:  the FELCOM18 replaces the FELCOM15,Furuno's previous Inmarsat C terminal.

The FELCOM18 consists of a compact antenna, keyboard, and 10.4” color LCD display unit with incorporated distress button and processor unit.

Standard Features:

  • Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station terminal for GMDSS application
  • Full GMDSS compliance with optional printer and AC/DC power supply (*GPS input required)
  • SSAS capability with SSAS Alert Unit
  • Compatibility with LRIT application
  • A wide variety of communication schemes available: telex,FAX, emailing, EGC, data reporting/polling, etc.
  • Two-way digital store forward
  • SD card for recording media
  • *Optional internal GPS module available